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Right from the start, the family-run company has always remained true to its philosophy of making tools which meet the Available for you worldwide highest possible requirements of professionals. CIMCO is represented internationally by associated This requires the use of the best possible materials, companies or renowned commercial agencies see last page.

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Angol-magyar online szótár

Product quality For this reason, safety tools play an important role in the company's own production. Internally developed production techniques are used here to manufacture special protective insulation.

For example, all insulated tools are individually tested in a water bath at 10, volts according to the valid directives. CIMCO has completely automated this testing process by deploying an industrial robot, probably the only manufacturer to do so worldwide.

Permanent innovations Constant optimisation and ízületi fájdalom angol fordítás of our product range by useful innovations is a permanent feature of our business strategy. CIMCO is thus always one step ahead of the changing demands of the market! That is why all CIMCO products are manufactured for a wide range of applications and can be adapted to many different situations. One-stop-shopping thanks to the enormous The complete range of tools for industry and the electrical trade product range Do you know of hogyan kezeljük az ízületeket ízületi gyulladás esetén larger range of hand tools for the electrical industry?

We don't! This catalogue offers electrical wholesalers everything from a single source, including all specialities, special sizes and latest products at a glance. It dispenses with the need for a large number of individual suppliers and helps to reduce your processing costs for purchasing, incoming goods, warehousing and accounting.

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Attractive product presentation guarantees sales success! Thanks to decades of experience, CIMCO can provide wrist pain thumb side popping presentation aids to specialist dealers. This involves no risk for our dealer customers: all displays are delivered free of charge injekció a csípőízület fájdalmáért reservation of title and specially trained CIMCO sales promoters handle delivery, set-up and stocking.

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Die Aufl! This enables the 90° ikelnr. Eine Besond wie Wechselakkus n. Wechs ellnr. Customer loyalty is our prime principle. Counter displays No work, no risk — that wrist pain thumb side popping the success formula for counter sales increase!

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With our counter displays, we offer you as a wholesaler the option of periodically presenting new tool features and innovations directly to your cash and carry customers at the counter.

Our sales employees will gladly provide you with information on our current new features and the presentation options they offer. CIMCO has already been controlling system has allowed us to further working with disposal companies such as ISD improve on our delivery rate.

Interseroh for years. Rapid order processing Delivery of a customer's order is normally effected in less than 36 hours from receipt of the order.

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Logistics Customised logistics services Special customer requirements, such as reusable transport wrist pain thumb side popping, scheduled domestic and foreign delivery dates, delivery tracking via the internet or special packaging requirements are no problem for us — we'll sort it!

If it's really urgent! The wholesaler is normally unable to stock tools in exceptional sizes and special tools. However, it is exactly these specialities which are particularly urgent when they are required.

Broad aluminium frame for high stability, case shells made of extremely impact and drop-resistant polypropylene, extra spacious bottom shell with various partitions for useful division into small boxes, 3 tool boards with numerous antibiotikatherapie bei prostatitis of different sizes for 6 storing all kinds of hand tools securely, 3 metal hinges with snap-in locking hold the case securely open without additional braces, comfort carrying handle with soft rubber insert, 2 robust lockable snap locks, 7 nameplate.

The two shells made of extremely impact and drop-resistant 11 polypropylene are connected by 3 dual purpose metal hinges hinge function gyulladt dagadt térd upper and lower shell to the 3 aluminium frames and secured by 4 clamp locks.

With 4 locking hinges in the case, the upper and lower shells can be opened and closed precisely. In addition, the case shells also remain stable wrist pain thumb side popping 12 open or full. The handle with soft rubber insert makes it easy to carry without tiring. The case has a carrying capacity of up to 35 kg and is equipped with 4 tool boards with 6 pockets.

The bottom shell can 13 be variably divided with separators so that machines or small parts can be transported securely. The extra wide rollers on the outer shell of the case prevent 17 it tipping over.

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Broad aluminium frame for high stability, shells made of extremely impact and drop-resistant polypropylene, extra spacious bottom shell with various partitions for individual division into small boxes, 3 tool boards with numerous pockets of different sizes for secure storage of hand tools of all kinds, 3 metal 18 hinges with snap-in locking and two additional interior braces hold the case securely open, comfort carrying handle with soft rubber insert, 2 robust wlockable snap locks, nameplate.

Resistant to high and low temperatures and also to many chemicals.

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With 2 tool boards, 2 lockable clamp locks, document compartment, adjustable partitions in bottom of case. The telescopic handle is discretely integrated into the bottom shell and does not get in the way during normal case transport.

The handle can be extended to an ergonomically comfortable cm.

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Handle with soft rubber insert and 12 abutment springs, 2 stable key locks. Flexibility: 16 Patented click system for quick insertion and removal of tool boards in the required number max. All individual working environments and mobility requirements are taken into account with these optional features. Can also be used separately as a work table. Bottom shell with grid layout and separators for reliable placement of measuring tools and small parts.

Small and large tools 7 can be inserted without much organisation and will be held safely in place. Also during transport and even if case is upside down. Pulling and pushing the case is possible thanks to the 12 extra-wide four-fold telescopic handle up to mm and rubberised, large rollers running on bearings with wide wheel-base prevents it tipping over. Aluminium double frame with carrying capacity of up to 40 kg, 2 elegant, 13 lockable clamp locks, 2 locking hinges with case lid latching, protective integrated bottom-sliders, 2 robust, washable tool boards made of ConPearl® with a patented clamping system that reliably holds all types of hand tools in place, with a document compartment, easy to carry without tiring thanks to the ergonomic handles with padded recessed 14 grips made of springy material.

Two removable tool boards with rubberised tool insertion straps and a document compartment. Additional tool board with rubberised tool insertion straps in the base plate. Delivery incl. Case shell without additional aluminium frame.

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Additional tool board with integrated tool insertion slots in the base plate. Case shells have an additional aluminium frame for absolute 17 torsional stiffness.

Angol-magyar online szótár - Online Angol Tanszék

Case has two additional aluminium frames for absolute torsional stiffness. Extension height of cm with two strong castors. Case shells have two additional aluminium frames for absolute torsional stiffness.

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